CODAS – the fully integrated comprehensive system for the Oil and Gas Distributor

The CODAS suite of computer software is designed to meet the full range of specialist requirements of the oil and LP gas distributor, from prospecting for business through customer & sales activities, fuelcard management, scheduling & routing, purchasing and stock control, to a full financial suite supported by a variety of mechanisms for the provision of management information. CODAS is fully integrated; data need only be entered once to be available for all subsequent processing, and financial information can be traced back to source transactions with drill-down facilities and integral analytical tools. CODAS is a contemporary Windows application for use alongside other PC software and is backed by a long-term commitment to its development and support.

For more information take a look at our CODAS Brochure (246 KB PDF) or review our Features and Benefits sections.

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More Interesting CODAS facts

CODAS was completely rewritten for Windows, starting in 2000.

The longest standing users have been using CODAS since the early 1980’s.

CODAS does not require its users to purchase or link to a separate finance system.