CODAS Class Programme 2017

The purpose of these valuable training opportunities is to broaden users’ utilisation of CODAS’ capabilities by refreshing participants’ awareness of existing features and options and, where applicable, demonstrate new functionality. The full day format of each seminar provides an ideal opportunity for a detailed review of the chosen topic.

CODAS Reporting

30th March 2017

The objective of this Class is to provide knowledge of the main areas of reporting available to CODAS users, including Reports Management and Favourites, Standard Reports, Query Reports, and Summarisers. The emphasis will be on best utilisation of the tools available for extracting and manipulating data using summarisers such as the Aged Debt, Sales Information, and Stock summarisers.

Management of CODAS Tables/Grids/Screens

26th April 2017

The purpose of this Class is to explore the tools available in CODAS tables/grids and screens functionality to make best use of all available options for display, information gathering and reporting. Participants will be shown how to tailor screens to suit individual users’ specific requirements for the day to day operations that they are involved in. Coverage includes sorting, filters, the ‘Find’ tool, grouping, footers, totals, view customisation, printing, and exporting.

CODAS Communication Workflow (Automated Debt Recovery)

24th May 2017

The subject of this Class will be the automation of the customer debt process, including management of unpaid invoices and recovery of balances owed. This function uses a scheduled process to create tasks and activities for overdue customer accounts based on user defined rules. It utilises existing CODAS features such as Reminder Letter generation and Customer Account status updates such as debtor status, stop reasons, etc.

CODAS Credit Control and Review Processes

21st June 2017

The objective of this Class is to explore all aspects of Credit Control Monitoring and Review available in CODAS, including Credit Control and Credit Review Options, Credit Review Monitoring, Credit Control Management, and Aged debt/Flexible Aged Debt/Aged Debt Summariser.

Booking Information

The classes will be held at CDS’ office in South Hall Street, Salford, Manchester, M5 4TP and will commence at 10:00 am, closing at around 16:30 pm.

The cost will be £125 per attendee (plus VAT), including refreshments and buffet lunch. As spaces are limited they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so please book in good time. To reserve your place for any of the sessions outlined in the programme please e-mail

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More Interesting CODAS facts

CODAS was completely rewritten for Windows, starting in 2000.

The longest standing users have been using CODAS since the early 1980’s.

CODAS does not require its users to purchase or link to a separate finance system.