About CDS

Times are changing…

Much has changed at CDS in the last year.
Like our industry leading software, CODAS, CDS Computer Design Systems Ltd continues to grow and evolve in order to fulfil, and exceed, the requirements of an ever changing and demanding marketplace.

Evolution and staying ahead…

Delivering innovative and revolutionary software solutions to the oil and gas distribution industry, as market leaders for over 40 years, means constant engagement in projects that are wide-ranging and complex in nature.
Recognising the need to ensure such projects are properly resourced, professionally delivered to a high standard and on time, we have strengthened key parts of the business.
Accompanying internal appointments of new Board members and a new Project Services Manager, CDS have created a dedicated Project Management Office to ensure we can always deploy our high quality resources in a manner that allows our customers to derive the greatest possible benefit.

Moving forward…

Activity over the last 12 months forms only part of our exciting evolution and advancement plans. Over the last three years CDS headcount has increased by two-thirds.
By investing in ourselves and guaranteeing our ability to answer every complex challenge presented to us, we are demonstrating to you, our valuable customers, that we at CDS are absolutely committed to you and the market, now and in the future, for the long-term.


Proven Track Record

CODAS is a product of C.D.S. Computer Design Systems Ltd. (CDS), based in Manchester, that for 30 years has been in the business of supplying computer software and related services to fuel distributors throughout Ireland and the UK. A long list of successful CODAS projects has given CDS a wealth of experience and expertise in providing services that cover consulting, specification, development, training, implementation, support, and data migration to CODAS from a wide variety of systems.


CODAS has been subject to a process of continuous development throughout its life, having undergone an extensive re-development over the past decade to make it a modern Windows application. It conforms to today’s actual and de-facto industry standards, achieving interoperability with other systems and readily supporting interfaces to services offered by third parties. In operation it looks and behaves like other standard Windows applications, making it easy to learn and to use. CDS continues to invest in the product to extend its functionality, to enable users to operate on IT platforms that are current, and to ensure that CODAS meets the evolving needs of the user base.

Computer Environment

CODAS is designed principally for operation on standard PCs in a Windows Client Server network; however, it can utilise ‘thin client’ technology using Windows Terminal Server or Citrix MetaFrame. Systems can be a small Local Area Network (LAN) – even a single PC – or an extensive Wide Area Network (WAN) with hundreds of user terminals.

System resilience using server shadowing is an option and the infrastructure can be expanded by the simple addition of more units to the network.

CODAS uses the Caché DBMS. (For more information about Caché go to www.intersystems.com)

Application Software

CODAS software is licensed as a base system with optional modules that cover a wide range of business functions for all aspects of fuel distribution. The options are integrated with the base system and where appropriate, link automatically to other modules. All functions share a common database available for on-line interrogation by all users at all times (subject to security controls based on user profiles and passwords). The database is designed to retain the transaction history for an indefinite period.

The base system covers the necessary functionality for product sales and customer-related activities for an Oil and / or LP Gas distributor; Customer and Prospect Records, Transaction Histories, Quotations, Order Processing, Invoicing, Diary, Contact Record, OrderWatch, Sales Ledger, Credit Control, Sales and Margin Analysis and Management Reporting. A wide range of optional modules provides support for all the additional activities of a distributor.

Latest News

More Interesting CODAS facts

CODAS was completely rewritten for Windows, starting in 2000.

The longest standing users have been using CODAS since the early 1980’s.

CODAS does not require its users to purchase or link to a separate finance system.