Are you ready for GDPR?

All organisations processing the personal data of EU citizens must be operating in full compliance with GDPR by 25 May 2018. CDS has been working alongside appointed legal specialists to review existing policies, procedures and working practices, and taking the steps necessary to be compliant with the GDPR well before the deadline.
As a software service provider, CDS is reviewing maintenance agreements with all customers in order to comply with the rules of the GDPR as a ‘Data Processor’.
In our capacity as software developers and providers, we have also been busy planning CODAS changes necessary to assist our customers in achieving their own operational GDPR compliance as ‘Data Controllers’. Having set up a CODAS GDPR working party over the summer, comprising representatives from several independent oil distributors, CDS presented its CODAS development plans earlier this month, including an overview of developments themselves and schedule for delivery and implementation, before the deadline.
To provide our customers with the smoothest possible transition to GDPR compliant data processing using CODAS, CDS will be holding training sessions over the coming months to run through all application changes and common scenarios where this new regulation influences working practice.
You can find out more about GDPR at the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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CODAS was completely rewritten for Windows, starting in 2000.

The longest standing users have been using CODAS since the early 1980’s.

CODAS does not require its users to purchase or link to a separate finance system.